About me

Hi.  My name is Tatiana Scalozub and I am happy to meet you.

I live in Odessa, one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine - wonderful, well-disposed and cheerful. The sun lights up the streets and there is a fragrance of acacia tree mixed together with maritime air here. And there are sea, beach, music, health resort, smiles on the passersby faces. This city looks like one little separate country – it has it’s own traditions, culture! And special people lives here – cheery, talented and out of the ordinary. And so many songs are sung, and a lot of poems are written in Odessa! Ah…

So it was lyrical digression and now as for the bears. For me it is combination of hobby and business at one time. And of cause it is great to do my thing, to see results of efforts and other people appreciate my work. First time my bears were thread crocheted, but now they are mostly hand sewn. But up to this time I have not taught to needle felt, may be because of absent of interest. I like very much to clothe bears in dresses made of organza or silk, crocheted lace, with beads and ribbon, flowers and feathers, stresses and mini buttons.

My artistic development started since early childhood. When I was 6 my granny taught me knitting. Later I was crocheting in the kindergarten. My study in the school of arts for 8 years also acted the part. I am very grateful to my teacher for character training, love for art, classic music, nature and animals, for that happy period of life that we had in the open air, museums, and just in school, painting eggs for Easter, batik, woodcarving, clay modeling and other forms of creativity. So, in my works I try to use various elements of applied art: modeling, embroidery, knitting or crocheting, sewing, tatting, painting, tinting and coloring, etc.

And now to the figures.
My crazy hobby of homemade toys began in December 2006. I had an idea to make a gift to my family. I tried to crochet little pigs. And when they were made I realized they were not bad, even for the beginner. And as I hold the hook in the hands since six years, the technical part of work was still fairly smooth and precise. I made three pigs: two ladies and one gentleman (the work can be viewed on my website in the gallery, 2007 - "Party in the barn"). And since that time I started making crocheted animals without time-outs. I wake up thinking about what an animal will be next and fell asleep, still thinking what sweater to knit for the hare, and at night, of course I was continuing dreaming. Actually, in such a rhythm I live so far, but now I sew and mostly teddy bears. As I already have three the children, I try to use all rest time, each free second. Probably for this reason I have always in my bag a hook with yarn or needle with a piece of mohair instead of a mirror with lipstick

My resume
Feb., 2007 – My master-class on crocheted “Lady Bug” in Rissian magazine “All for a woman”(“Vse dlya zhenshin”).
March., 2007 - My master-class on crocheted “Rainbow tortoises” in Rissian magazine “All for a woman”(“Vse dlya zhenshin”).
June, 2007 – Article about my artistry “Funny Zoo” in Ukrainian magazine “Handiwork”(“Rukodelie”)
Nov., 2007 – My work “Spring in a village” was awarded in catagoty “The best miniature composition” on Moscow teddy bear exhibition “Teddymania 2007”.
March, 2008 – My work “In love and harmony” took 3rd place in category “Miniature” in the contest “Golden Potap 2008” during the exhibition MosFair 2008.
Oct., 2008 – Newspaper “Odessa Today” published an article about my way of life and teddy bear making.
Nov., 2008 – Our Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” made reportage about me and my hoppy in news.
Apr., 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Mosfair 2009” ( Moscow, Russia).
Apr., 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Teddy Bear Total 2009” (Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Germany). Here is I first time presented my patterns for sale. Since that time my patterns are very popular and can be bought from me vie ebay, etsy, my web-site or on exhibitions.
June, 2009 – I visited “Museum of Toys” in St.-Petersburg.
June, 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Doll time 3” (St.-Petersburg, Russia). On this exhibition I was awarded by the nagazine “Doll Master” as the artist of “The best miniature teddy”.
August, 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Swiss Teddy Festival 2009” (Zurich, Switzerland).
Sept., 2009 – Russian magazine “Cosmopolitan” made a publication about me and my big family “A great many”
Sept., 2009 – Ukrainian magazine “Odessa Afisha” published the article about me and my teddy bear hobby.
Oct., 2009 – Russian magazine “Doll master” published my master-class “Eyes coloring”.
Oct., 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Euro Teddy 2009” (Essen, Germany)
Oct., 2009 – My work “Mariasha” got 3rd place in Category 4 (Medium/outfitted Bear/bud) in The URSA Awards 2009.
Autumn, 2009 – Russian magazine “Teddy Medveddy” published an article about exhibition “Doll time 3” and photo of my awarding.
Nov., 2009 – I took part in exhibition “Hello teddy 2009” (Moscow, Russia).
Dec., 2009 – I wrote an article about my visiting Germany and Euro Teddy exhibition in Russian magazine “Teddy Medveddi”.
Jan., 2010 – Russian TV Channel “ The first” (“Perviy”) made a reportage about miniature artists and told about my and my hobby.
March, 2010 – I took part in exhibition “Teddy Bear WELT 2010” (Wiesbaden, Germany).
Apr., 2010 – I took part in exhibition “MosFair 2010” (Moscow, Russia).
June, 2010 – I took part in exhibition “Kyivska Kazka 2010” (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Oct., 2010 - I took part in exhibition “Euro Teddy 2010” (Essen, Germany)
Oct., 2010 – I was featured on Bears and Buds. And also my work Sir Richard got 3rd place and my work Lady Perfection got 2nd place in The URSA Awards 2010.
Nov., 2010 – I took part in exhibition “Hello teddy 2010” (Moscow, Russia) and I won in the contest “Teddy Master” – category “Miniature teddy bear”
Dec., 2010 – I presented my collection of bears on exhibitio “Kiev Teddy Land 2010” and my work “Forget-me-not” won the 2nd place in category “Miniature teddy bear” in contest “Teddy master”. Also my bear “Marisabel” was featured as “The most romantic”.